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31 Jan

I’ve been away in Canada. They couldn’t find boots for my paddy paws, so I gave up. Invisible ski’s all the way!




20 Jan

internet memes - 360 Tea-Bag

…degrees of balls in your face!

Leave your crotch alone Rhianna

18 Jan

I’m not saying she’s got thrush, I’m not saying she has crabs, I’m just saying watch this video (probably on mute) and tell me she doesn’t touch her lady area ridiculous amount of times.


18 Jan

Had my attention brought to a collection of colourized (yes that is a real word) photographs. It means “to impart color to black-and-white film by means of a computer-assisted process”, and the affect is amazing. A few of my favourites below, but the rest are well worth looking at as well!

Curly Joe & Merlin

17 Jan

This lovely illustration encorperates two lovely people. The artist is the curliest of Joe’s of and the Little Sparrow of which it speaks goes by the name of Merlin of Both worth  checking out!

The ghosts of owls past

17 Jan

Although this looks like a ghost owl, be assured no owls were harmed in the making of this print. Sally Arnold found this near perfect imprint on the window of her home, left when a young owl flew into it (leaving his powder down – a substance protecting growing feathers).

The owl (most likely a twany) left with nothing hurt, other than his owly pride.


Embarrassed Cat

16 Jan

On a trip to Briton Ferry a friend of mine became stranded on a motorway. We got him down in the end and he said he was very embarrassed about all the fuss he had caused. Even the BBC had a little artical on him. If it wasn’t so furry you’d be able to see how red his face was!

Scaredy cat: The moggy was perilously perched on a 50ft traffic sign above a busy motorway for 24 hours