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My children’s children will hear about this….

22 Feb

There is a lot of chat that this is fake, but I believe there is still some organic dumbassery in the world. Let me dream guys….


Not sure why its funny

16 Feb

Wait, It's My Turn? GIF - Wait, It's My Turn?

But the more you watch it the funny it becomes. Enjoy…..

Not happy.

13 Feb

Raindrops keep falling on its head: The kestrel's wings were getting wet from the rain before it decided to take action and dry itself off

This kestrel looks how I feel when it’s raining.

You entitled to your own opinion….

8 Feb


…but this lady seems pretty adamant! So I’m with her!

For my owl

3 Feb

internet memes - Pokémemes: Bond, Trainer Bond

What’s he gonna do? Nibble your bum?

3 Feb

Very much enjoyed watching the final of the Rabbit Grand National in the link below. Some people are saying it’s cruel, but the rabbits look snuffly and happy as far as I can see. Also in my experienced opinion, it is near impossible to get a rabbit to do somthing it doesn’t want to seeing as they are a healthy combination of lazy and stupid (in the nicest way possible).

Enjoy 🙂

On another note, and in relation to the title, the above footage hilariously gives new legs to the Monty Python ‘Killer Bunny’ sketch. Worryingly it seems to be a lot more realistic than first thought.If only someone had listened to Tim!

Colour Run

1 Feb

The Color Run basically has 2 rules. 1. White shirts mandatory at the start line of the 5k run and 2. Everything looking like its been in Willy Wonka’s acid induced dream at the end.

Looks like a laaaaaugh. Pity it’s only in America. Will have to make to with do with tie die and running around the Ford!