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1 Feb


Song that reminds you of somewhere 06

5 Jan

Not sure what this means about my uni life, or the members of my second home, but Rhianna S&M always reminds me of being at the Pink Palace with 3 certain lovely ladies. Tut tut though, infecting my mind with such filth 😉

5 – Song that reminds you of somone

6 Dec

Roots Bloody Roots

Reminds me of my lovely owl 🙂

4 – Song that makes me sad :(

2 Dec

Follow you into the Dark – Death Cab for a Cutie

Very lovely though 🙂

Happy song – 3

28 Nov

Neutral Milk Hotel – Aeroplane over the Sea

Lovely song that makes me feel warm inside 🙂

2 – Worst song

23 Nov

God awful song!

30 Day Song Challenge

21 Nov

I know what your thinking; you’ve got to be kitten me! Not another one, I don’t care what music you like!!!

But I’m new…

…and you’ll love my music…

…so shut up!