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Dapper Gentlemen, we salute you!

27 Apr

The dapper gentlemen of Savile Row were out in force this St Georges Day, to protest the opening of an Abercrombie and Fitch children’s wear store on the Row, and I for one am behind them.

I love the Chaps and Chappets of this fair Isle that dress in a suave and quintessentially English manner, and Savile Row is the epitome of this way of life. I feel that plonking an A&F kids shop in it, would be sticking a commercially driven, void of style and soul, bit a of a douche bag, finger up to this.

So I very much support and enjoy this moustached, natty middle finger back at them.


The are so very disapoint.

13 Apr

If you ever need to find enthusiasm for something then have a peep at this, and it should help you find will power! These animals are so dissapointed in you, and they aren’t hiding it well!


Well that….

3 Apr

fashion fail - Poorly Dressed: When Dancing, Expose Your Talent - Not Your Gut

…that is just uncomfortable to look at…


20 Mar

Dear Person Im Sorry image

Paul Cadden

16 Mar

Smokescreen: Incredible detail has been captured by the hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, but his work leaves you wondering whether your eyes have been tricked

Paul Cadden, 47 yo from Scotland prodcues his own brand of hyperrealistic art. These arn’t phohographs!!!! Goes without saying that he’s epic awesome!!

Shades of grey: Cadden was shortlisted as Artist of the Year 2011 and can usually produce about seven works per year which sell at galleries for up to £5,000 each

Altered reality: Hyperrealism was born from the idea of photorealism, which are paintings based on photographs but created in a non-photographic medium

Not all black and white: From a distance Paul Cadden's work looks like a picture. However, a gallery exhibiting his work said seeing the originals up close reveals the extent of the drawing detail

No further info required!

13 Mar

epic fail  - FAIL Nation: Impressing Yourself FAIL

Spare £20

12 Mar

Ever thought that your food needs more sparkle? Well The Deli Garage obviously thought so too. They’ve invented some lovely weird edible food spray can. You can choose from metallic gold, silver, blue or red. If I have £20 hanging about it’d be buying a can now! Om nom nom (sort of)