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Dandelion Doormouse

28 May

'I can't remember whether it was the breeze or the mouse blowing the dandelion,' said Mr Binstead


Drunk People Assemble

24 May

Party Fails - After 12: Partying WIN: Vanquish Your Thirst


18 May

Manly men

17 May

Street art

17 May

Is awesome!

Deadpan Maddie

14 May

Obedient: Maddie knows that if she sits or stands still for the photo, at the end of it she'll get a treat, as well as some help down

Meet Maddie, by far the cutest and most hilarious dog in America.

Good dog: Maddie, the dog who sits, stands, and climbs on things, is both traveling and posing across the United States in a new, while unusual, cross-country album

Ease: Some photos, like the one shown, appear a bit easier for Maddie to muster

Cooperation: Other photos require multiple cooperation, like her shown pose on a grazing horse

Travel: By Sunday, Maddie and her owner reported traveling 287 days of their 365 day goal while taking pictures of the people they meet along the way

Thinks she's people: Maddie seen resting at a table and chair

Beaming: Some poses are more unusual than others, with her seen balancing here above a parking lot beam

Making friends: The dog's owner plans to publish Maddie's photos, along with the stories of those people they meet along the way

Maddie the dog who sits on things

Maddie the dog who sits on things

Maddie the dog who sits on things

Maddie the dog who sits on things

I just threw up in my mouth a little…

10 May

epic fail photos - Dating Fails: Because That's Totally Normal...