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Don’t forget to….

23 Dec

4koma comic strip - How Do You Party?


Which one are you?

23 Dec

sketchy santa fails - Don't Ruin the Moment, Santa

Merry Christmas everyone ūüôā

Also this…

23 Dec

internet memes - GET IT OFF

Got back to FFTL Sonny!

Some’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

22 Dec


20 Dec

Now is the winter of your discontent!

Beiber torture

19 Dec

A suburban school in Chicago have finally found a use for the awfulness that Justin Beiber is producing¬†nowadays….¬†torture!

In a strange move to raise ¬£1000, two innovative (if sadistic) stundents realise that would be a perfect way to ‘encorage’ others into charitcable giving, to benifit a NFP Coffee Shop/arts center. The School have been playing ‘Baby’¬†non-stop¬†on the intercom between lessons, and have told students it will only be taken off when they have the money!

….needless to say the funds were raised in under 3 days.

Ever feel like you’ve having a day like this?

12 Dec

epic fail  - FAIL Nation: High Jump FAIL

Today is personified by this ladys failing.

Tomorrow¬†I will¬†succeed and be¬†prosperous¬†and strong like this¬†man’s¬†mustache!! Hopefully….